Ford transit door open light staying on

Dome lights inside of a vehicle operate through multiple switches. The standard control is located on an adjustable knob on the dashboard, typically to the left of the steering wheel, or on the headlight switch. Additional switches are mounted to each door and, on some vehicles, the trunk. Some modern vehicles mount a timed switch in the ignition switch.

The light is controlled by a fuse that typically covers multiple items.

Interior lights do not shut off after the car is parked and other little issues

A dome light that will not turn off means one of the switches is stuck in the "On" position. Adjust the dome light switch. Every vehicle has one. Some vehicles include a switch on the light, and one on the dashboard. The switch that controls the brightness of your dashboard display also can turn on the dome light, when the switch is at its highest setting.

Turn the switch to the lowest setting to see if the light turns off.

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You have a bad control switch if adjusting the knob does not dim the dashboard display at all. Open each door and locate the door switch. Look for a switch stuck in the open position. Manually press each switch to see if the light will deactivate. You should feel each one click. Excessive play or no clicking sound indicates a faulty switch.

Start the vehicle and allow it to run for five minutes. Turn the key off and remove it from the ignition. Open and shut each door. The light should turn off within five minutes of all doors being closed. Trace the wiring for each switch.

You will want to take the vehicle to a mechanic to have the wiring traced, as the location of the wiring will run from each door into the frame of the vehicle and terminate at the wiring harness behind the dash.

ford transit door open light staying on

The lines will be crossed at a junction point in one of the wiring harnesses for the lights, if all of the switches are fully operational. Remove the bulb to avoid draining the battery until the wiring can be inspected by a mechanic. You can try removing the fuse, but the fuse likely controls multiple interior systems, and so you may not want to remove it. Step 1 Adjust the dome light switch.

Step 2 Open each door and locate the door switch.

ford transit door open light staying on

Step 3 Start the vehicle and allow it to run for five minutes. Step 4 Trace the wiring for each switch. Tip The likely cause of a dome light not turning off is either the dashboard light control knob being activated accidentally or a broken door switch.

You can remove the wire from the door switch, if you are able to access the backside of the switch. The wire pulls off of the switch easily. Replacement of any of the switches requires unscrewing the retaining screws, disconnecting the wiring harness and installing a new switch.

The only difficult part is accessing the back of the switch where the retaining screws are located.Recently purchased a Ford E diesel van with no bells or whistles. Worried about dome lights staying on with the doors open. There is no way to turn off. Can I pull a fuse when I'm parking?

Concerned that battery will die on my maiden voyage. No way? Did you check the dome light switch setting? If that does not work take the bulb out. Thanks for the answer. No switch on dome or rear interior light. It's a cargo van, I can't believe that I'm unable to leave doors open for an extended period of time because of lights. I pulled the dome light easily Would be easier to pull a fuse, but box diagrams that I saw do not indicate interior lights There may also be a switch next to the headlight switch.

The dimmer for the instrument lights can be turned all the way until the dome light stays on. Yes there is a switch next to headlight knob, it is for fog lights. The dimmer clicks like the interior lights should go out, but they stay on. Looks like removing bulbs is the answer. Maybe too many conversions on this van. If you were inclined to do so it would be easy to install a dome light with switch.

RV shops sell them. DudeWithAnswer answered 9 months ago. If you turn the dimmer switch all the way up, it turns on the dome lights with a click. I have a 98 with the same issue. I just pull the bulb. Which is also a PITA. GuruR8RW2 answered about a month ago. My 03 has conventional switches that have no middle position. I purchased a 94 e club wagon, it had over-sized tires on it but the cruise control worked, when I put new tires on it I put standard size on it.

Now my cruise control doesn't work. How do I recali I have a Ford e- Econoline van. The dome light works if I turn it on with the dashboard switch, but the dome light switches do not turn them on and off.

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Part of the cluster display is dark, looks like the bulbs but I am not sure hot to replace them. Please help.

ford transit door open light staying on

Thank you. Content submitted by Users is not endorsed by CarGurus, does not express the opinions of CarGurus, and should not be considered reviewed, screened, or approved by CarGurus.What do you do if a warning light starts flashing on your Ford Transit dashboard?

Here is a list of what each light will represent.

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When this happens, you should contact a technician as soon as possible. Whilst driving to your nearest garage be aware that your brakes may not be working to their full potential, so brake gradually and do not stop abruptly. Try to get a new one installed as soon as possible, as it is dangerous to drive without indicators. When one light flashes, it indicates that there could be a fault with the engine.

You must get your vehicle checked out immediately with a trained technician. If both these lights begin to flash you must stop your vehicle as soon as possible. Continued use may cause the engine to stop. If it does not come on it may have malfunctioned. If you suspect this has happened you can contact your local garage to have it reset. Get in touch with a qualified technician as soon as possible.

My Dome Light Won't Shut Off

On checking your engine oil level it could mean that you will need to refill. It could also mean that you have high levels of sludge or soot in the oil. You will need to get an oil change as soon as possible. By doing this your vehicle will have lower CO 2 emissions and the fuel economy will be better. The light will flash when it is working correctly. To know when the system has malfunctioned the light will not flash.

These systems need to be checked out at your local garage as soon as possible. If there is too much water in the fuel filter the light will come on. You must empty the water trap, to prevent further complications. If you notice these lights are showing on your dashboard, make sure you act promptly to avoid more serious damage to your vehicle.By darmokJanuary 31, in Ford Fiesta Club. I Have the door open light always on now on the dash, i have cleaned all the contacts and pins and this has not cured the fault.

Now the rear wash wipe works ok, but does not return to the rest or park position Thanks for the reply, i am a bit confused by it having read it thru a few times, dont understand the interior light bit sorry.

Thank you for the fast reply, i understand now about the interior light, i have just gone outside to check this This is what happens The door opening warning light on the dash is still not going out Use the GEM diagnostic in this post to find the door that is causing the problem.

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So you would be looking for a broken wire, not one that is shorting out if it was a wiring fault. Suspect it is the passenger door. It should be one of the three rear doors if the car locks, but doesn't flash the indicators to confirm double locking. Thanks, just tried this - and now of course all working perfectly and each door sounding its tone.

Clearly an intermittent issue then making it more annoying! This is odd, the problem came back again today, and also the car wouldn't lock either. Put it into service mode and everything seemed to re-set and ok again. Any ideas? I don't want to fiddle around with door cards etc, so is there an easy way to con the GEM into thinking all the doors are shut? Took the door panel off an bypassed the passenger door ajar switch. I have an 03 plate fiesta.

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You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL.Check door ajar switches on each of the doors. Sounds like you got one not working properly. Unplug door switches one at a time till lights go out.

Loree answered 6 years ago.

Open door light always on

OJ answered 6 years ago. I couldn't see where you listed what year explorer you have. But, for what is is worth, my daughter's '99 had the same problem. The switch which seems to be going bad is inside the door. It use to be the little button down by your foot on older model vehicles which would be depressed when the door is closed.

The switch is down inside the door by the lock mechanism. Sometimes it sticks and results in the interior lights not being turned off when you close the door.

How to turn off dome lights

It's probably the drivers side door. Sometimes, and it worked with my daughter's vehicle, it can be fixed with a good dose of WF40 flooded onto the switch mechanism. Don't know the logic, however sit inside the car and lock the car from inside using the remote. It worked for me twice. DarknLovely answered 4 years ago. I have a similar problem. OJ answered 4 years ago. Dark: Open the door to your vehicle and look at the striker on the pillar.

The striker is the metal piece screwed into the pillar which actually holds the door closed when shut. There should be a plastic spacer usually gray around the post. If it is missing that is the cause of your problem. Check the other door strikers and compare them. On earlier model explorers the plastic insert can only be purchased for the tailgate, the entire striker needs to be replaced on the doors.March 18, — A Ford "door ajar" sensor lawsuit claims the sensors send false signals that the doors are open when they are in fact closed.

According to the plaintiffs, the door latch assembly uses an electro-mechanical switch sensor that detects whether the door is open or closed based on the voltage signal received from the sensor. In addition, a body control module monitors the voltage from the door latch switch to determine whether the door is open or closed.

The lawsuit alleges that when the switch indicates the door is closed, the module sends a "wetting current" through the electrical connector from the door latch switch to the control module that is meant to keep the sensor clean from oxidation.

The oxidation typically comes from humidity and moisture, but the wetting current is too low to keep the switch clean. The lawsuit alleges Ford modified the body control modules in to reduce the wetting current by 75 percent, something the automaker allegedly admits is not strong enough to keep the sensors clean and working.

The faulty sensor triggers an audible warning, activates a warning light and causes a "Shift to Park" message because the computer mistakenly believes the vehicle has stopped. Owners complain about dome lights that stay on, drained batteries and customers say all the doors unlock and cannot be manually relocked. According to the plaintiffs, Ford has known about the door ajar sensor problems because the automaker sent technical service bulletins TSBs in that recommended dealers use a special tool to clean the sensors, a procedure known as "burning the wires.

However, the fix was only a temporary work-around that didn't repair the underlying sensor problem, something the plaintiffs say allowed Ford to give the false impression the door ajar problems would be fixed. Because it was a temporary fix, many customers reported door ajar switch problems after Ford dealers allegedly repaired the sensors. The problem typically came back after the warranty expired, at which point Ford recommended an owner replace the entire door latch assembly at the expense of the owner.

In addition to the expense of trying to fix the sensors, Ford owners say the audio and visual warnings are distracting, causing some drivers to pull off the roads just to check the doors. The illuminated dome lights also cause drivers vision problems at night, and owners complain about the cost of replacing drained batteries. The lawsuit alleges Ford customers have filed more than 2, complaints about the door ajar problems, while Ford has received more than 33, warranty claims.

But the investigation was closed in March when NHTSA said an "unreasonable risk to motor vehicle safety has not been identified. Ford told the judge there is no unreasonable safety risk because NHTSA concluded its investigation by saying a recall wasn't necessary. The judge granted in part and denied in part Ford's motion to dismiss the door ajar lawsuit.

Concerning consumer protection claims made by three plaintiffs, the judge dismissed the claims but with leave to amend to "plausibly plead reliance under the laws of their states. A fourth plaintiff saw his claims dismissed without leave to amend because they are time-barred, but the judge allowed claims from the remaining plaintiffs because "they adequately plead that the safety risk could manifest without adequate warning.Hi, The light that tells you a door is open is on all the time.

When you have all the doors closed and you open one door, the interior light goes on and when you close the door the interior light goes off. I checked all the doors, hatch inclueded zx5. Any idea how to knwo what is going on? I have Haynes manual and it says there is a way to tes the power door lock operating one of the door light switches but it doesnt work or I dont know how to make it work.

Do you.

ford transit door open light staying on

One of the door switches is bad. To determine, you have to gain acess to all the switches and test each one manually to determine the failure. I would start with the drivers door as it is the one used the most.

Was this answer. The switchs are hooked to the lock assy. When u close the door the switch turns off the light. Inspect the 2 front doors for a broken ajar switch. Each door has a switch that turns on and off the interior light. This switch is located behind the "hook" that is mounted on the car chassis and where the door lock closes. After reading the second answer, I imagine these switches function is just to turn on and off the interior lights becuse the switches that activates the cluster light for " door open" are IN the lock system.

Am I right? If so, how can I test those switches? Thanks, Wilson Was this answer. Try shaking the door back and forth.

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